tuppence for stardust


‘Well, that’s hardly a matter of debate! Two heads are better than one, after all!’ declared an incensed Gasset. Beside him, Isidore heaved a weary sigh.

‘I... don't think that's what that's meant to mean,’ said Marigold a little uncertainly.

‘Oh really?’ Gassett scoffed, loud and more than a little pretentious. ‘Then what is it meant to mean? If you're oh-so clever.’

Marigold thought over this for a moment, realizing that even she wasn’t entirely certain. It was, in her experience, one of those things grown-ups often said to make themselves sound much more clever than they actually were. ‘Just that getting second opinions is valuable,’ she said, having made up her mind.

‘Well, there you go! I've always got a second opinion! All I have to do is look left!’

‘And if I need an idiot, I turn right,’ muttered Isidore.

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