tuppence for stardust

5 : 29

thank you for reading my comic about girls having tea.

i'll be taking a break to recover work on chapter 6! consider keeping up with me on twitter or even patreon if you'd like to know when the story returns~


Comic of the Week : Mar 13 - 19 (but like, early)

All I Know So Far : P!nk

We think we know... but it turns out we have a lot left to learn in life. From a mercenary’s child who doesn't want to live up to the family reputation, to a found family working through a wacky world, they have an education ahead of them.



  • Following a zealous paladin, a curious inventor who talks to machines, and a flippant magic scavenger through the Myriad Worlds as they solve (and create) strange magic problems! [Sombulus Webtoon Mirror]

Clover and Cutlass

Clover and Cutlass

  • A group of young adventurers figure out who they are while trying to stop the end of the world.

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