tuppence for stardust


The year has just turned 1987.

It's almost a year since the Challenger disintegrated at launch and Mir went into orbit.

Fallout from Chernobyl still shimmers faintly in the atmosphere.

A massive motorway called the M25 now encircles London.

And a song about walking like Egyptians is the hottest single on the charts.

Of course, none of this matters if you are a young faerie

who's just gotten stranded on a tiny island in the North Sea

with nothing but stone walls and looming cliffs to guide you.

All that matters is getting home...

a thread of forgotten things begins to unwind.

one door leads to a hundred others.

someone wanders through the dark.

the world holds its breath.

the story wakes from its slumber.

and some stones are better left unturned.